Cast Stone

Frazer Simpson is a premier supplier of architectural cast stone to the house building and construction sector, offering high specification products which are competitively priced. We place an emphasis on high quality and excellent service, and can provide a range of stone products, including wet cast stone, semi-dry stone, reconstituted stone, bath cast stone, bespoke stone, architectural cast stone and stone masonry. We can provide a vast selection of standard architectural components, or can provide bespoke to individual specifications in any quantity.


The semi-dry product is a superior form of semi-dry cast stone, manufactured using a high strength blended mix and highly advanced computer controlled batching. The semi-dry range uses cutting edge technology, and is the only cast stone with a BBA certification. Forty minutes after casting, products are transferred to curing chambers, where they receive a controlled temperature and relative humidity environment for around 8 hours. Regular cube compressive and water absorption testing is carried out by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory. The results are far in excess of the current 25MPa cube crushing strength requirement of BS 1217 and the even more stringent UKCSA Specification of 35MPa.



The modern GRC range is lighter and stronger than traditional cast stone equivalents. The technology includes a mixture of glass fibre reinforcement (GRC) and wet cast mix, enabling the end product to be manufactured with thin wall sections. This allows GRC items to be significantly lighter whilst attaining higher flexural qualities. The products are all treated to achieve natural stone aesthetics, and are well suited for many types of development. The GRC range closely resembles standard cast stone products in all aspects of appearance.

Wet Cast

The wet cast products are manufactured from a mixture of crushed and graded aggregates, cements, waterproofing agents, additives, and where required colouring pigments. They can incorporate steel reinforcement if necessary, and are post cast treated to appear very similar to the superior semi-dry and GRC products. It is suitable for all locations, including high wear resistance areas such as steps or paving.